Today in marketing there is a movement toward authenticity in brands. I am proud to be a part of accelerating, amplifying and evangelizing that movement. It’s what my work is all about.

Consumers in the C-suite or in the shopping mall are looking to make a connection with a brand on a personal level. There is no more business-to-business or business-to-consumer marketing – it is all human-to-human!

How you market is really all about who you are and what you do as a person. It’s something I refer to as “root-based marketing.” I believe in getting to the root of who you are and then using marketing to amplify that and share it with the world.

Too many people are obsessed with tactics. “What do I do?” clients often ask me, followed by a rushed list of tactics.

First off, stop thinking about tactics and start thinking about why you exist as a business and why that’s different in the market. That’s the beginning – tactics without strategy is noise and often devolves into distraction.

For me, I translate emotion, intuition, feeling, and intention (all concepts that exist in the pre-cognitive, pre-verbal parts of the brain) into words better than anyone else I know. It is who I am at my core – a translator, an alchemist, an intuitive analyst.

That’s why I believe with emotions are translated in words, joyful, powerful, real brands are born.

If you believe in the value of that, great! If not, I totally respect that dissent. I am quite fond of dissent.

Either way, I welcome the conversations about marketing from the root.