Give in to your craving for inertiaYOU'VE BEEN HITTING LIFE HARD, NOW (1)

If you are anything like me, sometimes you just crave inertia.

And not the inertia that keeps a working mom in (constant) motion – I get plenty of that variety, muchas gracias.

No, indeed. I’m on the hunt, on occasion, for the objects-at-rest-tend-to-stay-at-rest type of interia. Basically, for a time, a space when things just stop. Halt. To pause, for instance, before one of my small humans asks me where their last three months of reading logs are or when a beloved husband asks if I’ve seen his dark-washed jeans or a client asks me to explain the rationale behind this strategy — again.

Or when all of these things happen within 10 minutes of each other. Hurray!

Those are the moments when my desire for inertia bubbles over.

I want only, then, for life to slow down, to create a vacuum of space for me to think and to breathe. And then, should I be so fortunate, time for me to pause, to consider where I am. Even if I am locked in the bathroom.

All kidding aside, a few months ago, stress brought on by inertia of the careening motion variety had me so bent, I was experiencing symptoms of lockjaw – technical name bruxism. While that might sounds tough, it really is no fun.

It was at this moment an acquaintance reached out with an idea. Inspired by something I had written on Instagram and Facebook regarding the people we choose to surround ourselves with, she asked if I would be interested in partnering with her on an idea she had – to create a mindful, fun and reflective dinner event for women. The idea, as it evolved through our discussions, was to create a space for women to think, breathe, and take stock – even if for just one night.

I loved it.

Despite the many commitments I already had, this idea zoomed directly to the top of the list.

Yes. Why? Because it’s needed, because I WANT IT and because all of us – men or women – simply do not have enough of these precious bubbles of reflection time anymore. Not between working and parenting and balancing and connecting and reviewing and sharing, sharing, sharing.

But, we shouldn’t give up on them. We should build them.

It’s the same advice I give to my branding clients. The first step to deal with any challenge you are having with your brand or go to market plan – internal or external – is to go within. It is to center yourself with your root truth, to align your values neatly and directly with your intention, and go from there.

For busy women in 2016, this means pausing to compare your goals, wishes and desires with the way you spend your time, and what you give of yourself and to whom. And also to consider the path you are paving for your own growth.

That’s what we’ll be busy doing, in between laughter and companionship and understanding, at our first event in just a month. And I can’t wait for the inertia that ensues. (To learn more, or join us, email me at emily at