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At the soul level, I am a writer. A crafter of language. A word alchemist. A designer of verbal expression. After years of writing for newspapers, magazines, epublications, blogs, ghostwriting, as well as writing for clients, on my own blog, on Medium and more, I establish this space as a home for all of my writing and verbal and visual inspiration. I hope it inspires you to build your own creative momentum and live undivided.

Make Pausing for Reflection Part of 2016 Plan

Give in to your craving for inertia If you are anything like me, sometimes you just crave inertia. And not the inertia that keeps a working mom in (constant) motion – I get plenty of that variety, muchas gracias. No, indeed. I’m on the hunt, on occasion, for the objects-at-rest-tend-to-stay-at-rest type of interia. Basically, for [...]

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Doing Nothing Could Be the Best Choice You Ever Made

Growing up, my father was intent about teaching us about good decision-making. In addition to his emphasis on the power of education, my dad wanted us to learn how to make sound decisions. I remember countless conversations at the kitchen counter that involved him excitedly and deliberately walking me or one of my siblings through a moment that [...]

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How You Market Is Who You Are

Today in marketing there is a movement toward authenticity in brands. I am proud to be a part of accelerating, amplifying and evangelizing that movement. It's what my work is all about. Consumers in the C-suite or in the shopping mall are looking to make a connection with a brand on a personal level. There [...]

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