Emily Heetland - emJoy Inc - Brand and Marketing Consulting

Both speaking and listening are ways of creating and recreating. They help us leave behind expired ideas that hold back our businesses, our potential, and our creativity.

As curious humans, we need to see, hear and experience another’s ideas. We need moments that shift us out of our limiting thinking, challenge the stories we tell and conceive of new versions of ourselves.

I relish the chance to connect with and speak to audiences looking for soul-stirring ideas and practical takeaways.

Topics I never get bored of presenting on:

  • Creativity in Business
  • Being a Creator in Business
  • Unblocking Creativity for Business Velocity
  • Methods for Leading Undivided Lives
  • The Power of Language
  • Creativity is Business Bad-assery
  • Art in Business
  • Self-Care for the Busy People
  • Marketing as a Creator

I always integrate art, love to engage in conversations with audience members, and look to include interactive exercises so we can apply what we are uncovering together.

I’m available for keynotes, workshops (I love workshops!) and panels.

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