4 Techniques To Help As You Leave Your COVID-19 Cocoon


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In the past week, I forged back out into the world. I saw people in person. I attended small gatherings.

I left the cocoon of my home for extended periods. I kept a safe distance and wore a mask.

I was happy to go.

And definitely happy to come home. Longing for my cocoon, actually. I awoke this morning wrapped up tight in my own bed, with my mess and my books around me, awash with gratitude.

If you haven’t ventured out yet, allow me to share.

It’s a bit harsh out there.

As an emotionally gifted person, I felt the collective anxiousness. I experienced the pins and needles we are feeling, and not only about COVID-19.

We’re on emotional pins and needles.

We are pinning and needling ourselves about where we are, where our society is headed. We’re reckoning with the unsteadiness of the world. We’re fumbling around trying to find our way and working to lock into the rhythm of our work within this world. This includes both the outer work and the inner work. We’re hanging on to the horn of the saddle tightly amidst the rocking and bucking of this stallion of life.

Not everyone is fully consciously aware of this collective emotional upheaval. I get that. There’s an alluring pull to place one’s own head deep in the sand and wait until the smoke has cleared.

Even if your work is not to delve into these feelings, they are still there. And you’re still reckoning with them in your own way.

You’re still seeing the world through the lens of the traumatic last six months.

If you feel pulled to delve into these feelings, I recommend doing so as you re-enter life. Take some time to jot down whatever emotions come your way as you step out again. Keep a pocket-sized journal or your phone notes handy to record what you feel and see.

As we rejoin the world slowly, we’re being given a beginner’s mind. We’ll see the world anew. That may cause some shifting and growing and pain and healing.

As we resettle ourselves and our lives, we have the chance to tap into integrated creativity, blending our inner cocoon world, with the outer chaotic world in whatever measure feels right.

As I ventured out, and returned, I had the chance to honor the things that have gotten me through this long period of isolation and quarantine. With some distance and disruption to my schedule, I began to revere my techniques for coping and living in the middle times.

The techniques are simple and accessible and powerful. They include daily movement, breathing exercises, meditation, drawing and writing, and being present with the three people I am closest to.

Being out of these patterns for a few days, I realized their innate power to restore my soul, ground me and place me in love’s arms.

And I realized how integrated they have become with my work, with my spiritual health, with my inner intuition and guidance that often leads me in the running of my business.

In busier times these techniques and practices are skipped or lapped by the demands of the world.

It feels to me like I cannot let them be lost again, although I know the pull of busy-ness will draw me in that direction. They have become elemental to more aspects of my life than Before.

Much of my cocoon life may become my real life. That’s a thought that pleases me.

My wish for us all as we resettle ourselves in this new world is fourfold.

I wish and hope:

1. We are gentle on ourselves as we resettle.

2. We are honest with ourselves about what still has meaning and what may no longer be of importance.

3. We honor the changes we’ve made during this time, and resist the urge to push them aside due to inner or outer resistance.

4. We are able to integrate creativity at every juncture.

While you’re still in the cocoon, treasure it. And feel free to share with me what you’ve loved about these cocoon times by sending me an email to emily at emjoyinc dot com.