Why I Won’t Work Harder

Working hard is a standard directive issued from the American success psyche, particularly for those from an immigrant family. I was driven by this idea in my career for years, but I’ve begun to change. Working harder is no longer my de facto position for growth or fulfillment.

Releasing the COVID brake

“This COVID thing,” “In COVID times,” “COVID life.”  I listen to language carefully, cataloguing it. I’ve been listening lately for how people are characterizing these times of trauma, triumph, death, …

Confessions of a Giver

I write poetry to express something sanctioned syntax won’t convey. Here’s an example of something I have written recently, while pondering my natural instinct to give.

Feeling creativity inside of you

Creativity can be felt in the body. Not sure where? Think back to a time when your creative energy or ideas were belittled. What did that feel like? What did that experience reveal about how you value creativity?

How Not To Set Resolutions: A Guide for Your Creative Self

I was recently asked how I set intentions. See, I don’t do resolutions.

The way I feel and see, resolutions are hard-edged, judgmental – likely to cause cuts and bruises.

I don’t need more of those, so I have another approach.

Intentions have an expansiveness to them, a soulfulness. I like them better, and I get to because there’s no right way to be a human.